They worked on this machine day and night. They built a small-scale model of what they thought the final design might look like. They gathered the materials needed, and as they found failures or better approaches, Alfie captured everything in his computer and eventually as part of another dissertation narrative. The department had money set […]


Chapter 2 – The Humans

Blackness. Beautiful. Cuauhtémoc Alfaro Robles thought as he was looking up at the shimmering cold night sky. He was 11 years old when he decided he was going to be a scientist. He had been told all his life how smart he was. He liked sciencey things. He didn’t want to be a doctor like […]

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Chapter 1 – The Travelers

Blackness.Beautiful.The sunset had already happened. Some of them were facing towards the black sky from the surface of the ocean as if straining to hear. Most were in community. What they sensed, no human eyes could see or hear. They sensed the intimate interactions between all things in the galaxy including themselves. They saw themselves […]

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Untitled SF Book

I’ve been writing a science fiction story for the last few months. The story is still untitled. The idea came out of nowhere. It was just a desire to give myself some kind of focus for my retired life. My youngest daughter just told me, “Dad, just don’t write about some white guy, or the […]

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